Though it might vary somewhat by car (always check your manual for an explanation of your dashboard lights), most automobiles have basic warning lights for things such as brakes, oil, battery and temperature, along with the "check engine" light. The following are some of the most common dashboard lights you might see at some point and what their causes plus solutions.

Why is my brake system light on?

Causes: Pads warn out, Low brake fluid, or leaks.

Solutions: 4 wheel brake inspection, r&r pads and reconditioning rotors (unless there under specification), flushing brake fluid, keeping seals and lines clean.

Why is my engine light on?

Cause: Emission sensors (most common).

Solutions: Maintaining your vehicleth recommended manufacturetervals.

Why is my ABS light on?

Causes: Sensors, hub bearing, or anti lock brake system default.

Solutions: naging your drivability (i.e. avoid bumps, pot holes, curbs).

Why is my tire pressure light on?

Caues Flat tires, poor maintenance, or change in enviroment air pressure.

Solutions: Maintaining air pressure, alignments, and making sure to replace tires when needed (warn out tires tend to have blow outs).

Why is my battery light on?

Casuses: Alternator defaulting.

Solutions: Replace or repair alternator.

Why is my SRS or Airbag light on?

Causes: Sensor defaulting or getting into car accident.

Solutions: Replace sensor and drive SAFELY.

Why is my steering wheel light on?

Causes: New cars - the electronic steering usually lights up when the steering unit goes bad, such as the motor. Older carsMost commonly comes from leaks and poor maintenance like in the pump or rack pinion seals.

Solutions: Repairing the unit, maintaining service intervals on time, flushing fluids, or repairing any lines or gaskets that are leaking .

Why is my engine oil light on?

Causes: Poor maintenance such as not changing your engine oil on time, which creates sludge build up and the number one reason why engines go bad!! Oil pressure sensors default from sludge build or becomes defective, oil pump going bad, or over filling engine with oil which causes leaks and blows seals.

Solutions: CHANGING OIL ON TIME. My personal recommendation is to not wait till 3,000 miles or 5,000 to change the oil but doing it a bit sooner, just before the oil actually starts to break down.

Why is my temperature/coolant light on?

Causes: Low coolant level, over heating vehicle, stuck thermostat, or blown head gasket.

Solutions: Flushing coolant system when required. Maintaining gaskets or parts such as water pumps, lines, or radiator. Replacing or repairing the thermostat when needed. p>

Why is my bulb light on?

Causes: Bulb defaulting or short wiring of the system.

Solutions: Replace bulb, repair wire damage or shorted system.